Eivind Lyngmo

I am a artist/songwriter/producer from Svolvær in Lofoten and have been playing music for 10+ years. At an early age I started playing live through the local culture school. In 2013 I started taking guitar lessons at the culture school. Later, I started taking vocal and music production lessons. In 2021-22 I studied Pop music at Trøndertun Folkehøgskole. I am now studying Music Production and Performance at University of Chester

I have previously worked at the local concert house/theatre where I rigged up and down for several artists. I have also been the sound engineer there on some concerts (for example Tonje Unstads stream concert).

I now have my own company called Lyngmo Music AS where I am the sound engineer. We mix songs for others and do live sound.

What have I done previously?


I have played guitar on four musicals and have been an actor and vocalist at one musical. I played guitar at Hair, High School Musical, Grease and Aladdin. The musical I was an actor and vocalist at was Grease. Grease was two years in a row and I played the character Roger and sang the song Mooning.


Because I took lessons at the local culture school for 8 years, I got to play many concerts. I have played with student and teachers, with the school and freelance. I have been able to play at some of the local culture houses many times. Often sold out (ca. 500 seats at the largest venue). I was on tour in Lofoten for five days and played eight concerts with my own band and songs.


I released my first mini album Saturday 3. July 2021. I started making it in the spring 2018. I wrote, produced, recorded, and released it by myself. I released a single 10.06.2022 called You. It can be found on all streaming services (Spotify, Apple music, iTunes).

I just released 3 other singles available on most streaming services!

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